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Keeping Your Contact Lenses Healthy In The Office

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Keeping Your Contact Lenses Healthy In The Office

The benefits of wearing contact lenses are manifold but so too are the pitfalls, especially when working in a dry office environment, day after day. Here are five tips to help you get the best from your contacts when working 9 to 5.

  1. Glare

No, not your boss, your computer screen! The glare from your desk-top at work can be damaging to your eyes and make your myday daily contact lenses more itch, dry and sensitive. To minimise this, invest in an anti-glare filter and/or seek to be situated nearer to a window so that natural light is mitigating the retina damage that can come with an over-exposure to blue light.

  1. Disposable

With all that air-conditioning and the general dryness of an office atmosphere, consider disposable lenses. They are more hygienic than their non-disposal counterparts, due mainly to the fact that they don’t have to be stored in any kind of container or solution overnight; such storage can result in dirt and protein deposits building up, which can irritate eyes over time.

  1. Low water

Counter-intuitively, lenses that have a higher amount of water are not always the best for an office environment. The lens’ own moisture can actually deplete your eye’s natural reservoir of water. Such lenses can also dry out more quickly due to air conditioning and screen use, in the first instance, which exacerbate dehydration.

  1. Drops

Eye-drops can be invaluable in an office environment; they help refresh your eyes by moistening them, meaning you can use them for longer without feeling any major discomfort. Eye-drops that are compatible with silicone hydrogel contact lenses and soft contact lenses are composed of natural ingredients; much kinder to your eyes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too, in order to keep your tear ducts in fine fettle. If this doesn’t work then visit your optician pronto for expert trouble-shooting.

  1. Solution

It is best to use a contact lens solution that doesn’t have preservatives, because these can be great for your lens but not so good for your eyeballs, especially if you have sensitive eyes or are using them to pore over fine details for hours per day.

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